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What's on the menu?



Espresso  2.20

Specialty organic beans from different destinations


Americano 2.80

Espresso with extra hot water


Cappuccino 3.00

Espresso with frothed organic Brodowin milk


Flat White 3.80

Espresso with organic Brodowin milk


Latte 3.80

Espresso with organic Brodowin milk


Mocha 3.80

Espresso, chocolate and steamed organic Brodowin milk


Filter coffee 3.50

Locally roasted organic beans


Refill 2.00


Golden Latte 4.20

Caffeine-free warm turmeric latte, ancient healing remedy


Chai Latte 4.20

Caffeine-free fragrant & spicy latte, aiding digestion


Matcha Latte 4.20

Finely ground green tea latte, rich with antioxidants


Iced Latte 4.00

Refreshing latte with ice


Iced Americano 3.00

Refreshing americano with ice


Iced Flat White 3.80

Refreshing flat white with ice


Cold brew 4.00

Cold pressed coffee, brewed for 24 hours


Tip of the Morning 3.90

 Organic black tea breakfast blend to welcome the day

Moroccan Mint 3.90

 A refreshingly aromatic non-caffeine organic mint tea

Ginger 3.90

 A spicy and warming dried ginger herbal infusion

Berry Pomp 3.90

 Organic fruit tea made of rich berries and refined blossom

Sprite's Delight 3.90

 Organic green tea blend with a spritz of strawberry and a dash of basil

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